Data governance is becoming a must-have for organisations that want to transform their data into measurable business outcomes. This involves ensuring the availability, usability, integrity, and security of data. Good data governance is the key factor that differentiates firms that can capture value from their data from those that cannot. However, the success of data governance programs depends on the persona that the organisation assumes.


In this article "persona" is referred to as the way that an organisation approaches data governance. Different organisations will have different objectives, levels of experience, and available resources, which will determine their persona. For example, some organisations may be "slow starters" struggling to decide and get started on a data governance program, while others may invest heavily in data governance tools without seeing tangible benefits or keeping the end goal in mind. What persona an organisation assumes is important as it can greatly affect the success of its data governance program.


If you want your organisation to unlock the transformative power of your data, effective data governance is the key. To avoid the pitfalls presented in this article, the approach called data governance-as-a-service is proving to be effective. It can help organisations establish and maintain good data governance driving businesses to success.


To learn more about effective data governance and how to implement it in your organisation, we recommend reading the full article. It provides valuable insights and practical tips that can help you unlock the transformative power of your data.