Build or buy

Buy or Build a Customer Data Platform?

Creating a single source of truth for customer data and a 360-degree customer view is a complex undertaking. Buying a solution rather than building one streamlines the process. Businesses investing and using agile practices to implement Customer Data...

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You aren't ripped off- you're buying back time

When having a business, the build vs buy debate will eventually come up. It can be tempting to build yourself, as you want software tools to meet the exact needs for your business. In practice, however, there are areas where a SaaS vendor will do a better job, using their expertise to improve your product. When you buy instead of building, you can keep your team focused on the areas where they rea...

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Build, buy or partner?

To get #AI solutions that connects multiple moving parts in your business, do you build, buy or partner? Often businesses lean towards the build option, however, more often buying or partnering makes more sense. Using solutions developed by others wi...

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