Data Mesh

Modernizing Data Governance

Companies are waking up to data architecture being a companywide matter, not just an issue for the chief data officer. With a proper data governance framework, companies can start solving complex data problems and confidently choose the right data ar...

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Automating with Data Fabric

The fact that data comes from from different data sources typically implies that they have different data semantics, which makes unifying and integrating these datasets a challenge. The semantic differences across the datasets make it hard to incorporate them together in the same analytical task, reducing the ability to get a holistic view of the data. Data Fabric techniques can automate key steps...

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Differences in Data Mesh and Data Fabric approaches

With the growth of cloud computing, problems concerning data diversification are bigger than ever. The key difference between data mesh and data fabric is in how APIs allows different applications to talk to each other. It all comes down to finding w...

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