The difficulties of data integration

For a long time, businesses have been facing a common challenge of their computer systems not communicating effectively with each other, resulting in poor data quality and limited business growth opportunities. To address this, many companies choose to integrate their systems. Although aimed to create a seamless flow of data, this process can be challenging, expensive, and time-consuming, resulting in high costs. As the systems are all connected and interdependent it is also difficult to make changes once the systems are integrated. This limits opportunities for future business development and innovation.

Today, many companies struggle to decide whether to build or buy a data management solution, and common solutions are iPaaS and APIs. These however are limited by a lack of development resources, and effective synchronisation and integration solutions and can be quite expensive.

The solution; data synchronisation

Data synchronisation is crucial for businesses to improve efficiency and profitability. As opposed to traditional system integration, data synchronisation offers a flexible and sustainable approach to managing data flow. Data synchronisation is a continuous process where all systems and applications within a business can deliver and retrieve the data they need in its original form, making sure the data quality is maintained and that every department within the business has access to the data they need for insights in real-time.



How we can help

Since 2013, Sesam has been working to address this issue by developing a product that focuses on synchronising the data rather than integrating the systems. With this approach, we help companies transform into data-focused technology companies, providing businesses with a more flexible and cost-effective solution to the challenges posed by system integration. With "Sesam Talk", we aim to provide a solution that can be applied across all industries to improve data quality and enable business growth.

Sesam Talk’s automated data synchronisation enables a seamless flow of data without the need for any extensive integration efforts. The data can be shared across the various systems and applications a company has making it easy for both vendors and their customers to combine the best applications for their tasks and still have access to all the data they need.

Sesam also enables businesses to choose «the best of bread». This means that businesses can freely choose the applications they need customised for their specific purpose. Each department often has different needs, and with the “best of bread” all these needs can be covered. Whenever you want to change to a new or better system or application, this can easily be done without an integration process and without affecting the rest of the business. This gives you a more flexible organisation with efficient employees. 

Why Sesam Talk?
Sesam Talk is the ideal solution for businesses facing challenges with data integration. With our technology and data hub, we can handle over 270+ trillion data objects and connect to over 230+ systems. Our component talks to each system, reducing the number of integrations by over 90%. Our mission is to democratise data, and with over 12+ years of experience in master data management and data synchronisation, we are well-equipped to do so.
Our technology allows for full automation of data synchronisation, removing the need for system integration. The semantic data hub data integration mechanism is easily accessible to anyone in a business responsible for a system, without the need for IT expertise or understanding. With Sesam Talk, all systems can be updated with the same data through our partners, delivering a basic synchronisation service for the majority of a business' needs. With Sesam, businesses can say which systems they want data from, and everything will happen automatically.

If you want to save time, resources, and money, and increase your customer satisfaction, Sesam Talk is the right solution for you. Chose the easy way, try Sesam Talk!

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