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The difficulties of data integration For a long time, businesses have been facing a common challenge of their computer systems not communicating effectively with each other, resulting in poor data quality and limited business growth opportunities. To...

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The Importance of Data Trust

«Data Trust» is crucial for businesses to perform their daily tasks, maintain a good workflow, and especially for increasing customer satisfaction. But what does data trust mean?   Data Trust, Data Quality, and Data Democratisation are closely related concepts in the realm of data management. Data democratisation refers to the process of making data available to the people in the organisation who ...

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Unleashing the Power of Basic Data

Basic Data is information like the name, gender, phone number, or address of a customer or employee that is relevant to your business. These are data that are important to all parts of the organisation, and to all the different systems that are used ...

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Succeed with the "Best-of-

For a long time, companies have been using so called “best-of-suite” solutions, an all-in-one system meant to hold all the data and information a company needs to operate. However, it is difficult to find a system that fits the needs of all the departments in your company, and the many different daily tasks that are carried out.   How Sesam Can Provide Your Business with the “Best-of-Breed»   Inst...

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The Key to Getting Data

What is data quality?   Data is one of the most valuable assets a business has. All factors to develop the business need data, and businesses that have control over their data accelerate. Data provides the information you need to perform day-to-day t...

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Sesam Talk - Simplifying Data
Integration for All

Sesam Talk is a game-changing synchronisation-as-a-service solution designed specifically with SaaS-providers and users in mind. Eliminate the need for complex and tedious integration processes without having to integrate or install, no matter the system, no matter its age or language. We offer a complete managed service where everything is included from A to Z. Migration, set up, user interface, ...

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