Data Quality

Data quality in context for data-driven business processes

High data quality will pave the way to a successful business. Data quality is not a single measurement but is directly connected to the business value you will derive from the data. Here are some examples on how to put data quality in context.   READ...

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A D&A leader's guide  to improve Data Quality

Good data quality provides better customer relationships, better leads and is directly linked to the quality of decision-making. The importance of data quality continues to increase as organizations progressively use data analytics to drive business decisions. With poor data quality costing organizations an average of 12.9 million USD every year, D&A leaders need to stay up-to-date and improve...

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Data Quality: The right tool for the right job

As the use of the cloud continues to grow, so does the importance of Data Quality. Data Quality is key for trustworthy, valuable and manageable data, and Data Quality tools can help with just that. Inaccurate data promotes poor decision-making and lo...

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Simplify Customer Roll Out by Providing Healthy Data

Healthy data is high quality, trustworthy, cleaned up and compliant. The abundance of data can be overwhelming and make it incredibly difficult for your customers to assess what matters. Ensuring the health of the data a company deals with must be a priority for effective roll out. This helps companies to decrease the risk of data issues leading to bad decisions or security breaches.   READ THE AR...

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