Sesam stories

Why Cognizant is  partnering with Sesam

Cognizant: – Sesam is a powerful component that accelerates digital transformation projects for our customers   When Cognizant Norway was building their Master Data Fabric, they partnered with Sesam. By using Sesam’s master data component Cognizant w...

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Getting Value from your Data

Cognizant has invited Axel Borge, CEO of, to join them on their Leadership and Innovation podcast and talk about how you can get value from your data.     There is nothing in data that gives it quality, and you cannot measure quality from the data itself. Data Quality is only when you get the right data at the right time in a form that enables you to make decisions and solve problems. But...

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AI can unlock 80 billion dollars in value in the Nordics

A report from McKinsey states that artificial intelligence (AI) will radically change the way companies do business. – But we can only succeed with a project if we have a modern data layer, that’s why we have partnered with Sesam, says Anoop Sharma i...

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When systems talk, your business becomes more profitable

Gartner has identified Data Fabric as one of the key trends that are critical for businesses wanting to excel in the years to come.       Every year the technology strategists at Gartner identifies key trends that are critical for businesses. In the 2022 outlook, Data Fabric is listed as the first trend, as a strategic tool to provide flexible, resilient integration of data sources across platform...

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Collaboration with Cognizant can open new doors for Sesam

Cognizant simplifies digital transformation using Sesam. The building block provides modern master data management capabilities to deliver high data quality, without having to modify existing systems, or build from scratch.   READ THE ARTICLE

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Unravel the Data Maze

Sesam has taken the challenge to solve one of the most frustrating aspects of running complex data architectures. Namely how to efficiently search and navigate data across all systems. Meet our new feature Integrated Search!    Up until now, Sesam has focused on delivering data efficiently to the systems that need data, in the form they need it. And throughout the years, Sesam, as a company, has b...

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