KLP Eiendom is among the largest real estate companies in the Nordic region, managing a diverse range of properties including offices, shopping centers, hotels, and residential plots. They offer tenants access to a customised online platform, "My Tenancy", which provides essential information such as building details, invoices, case management, and documentation.

Egil Brækken became the inaugural employee of KLP Eiendom's IT department in 2018, and immediately set about developing the company's customer portal, and hired a developer to assist with this. They quickly saw that they were going to find a way to make their systems talk to each other. Given that the company had no IT department prior to this, however, embarking on a large-scale integration project was simply out of the question. That's why they contacted Sesam. Brækken explaines that KLP Eiendom had prior knowledge of Sesam and had faith in their data synchronisation solution. As a result, there was no need to seek out an alternative service provider.

KLP Eiendom primarily relies on data systems such as Dynamics, SuperOffice, and FDW-web, as well as other domain-specific systems. In order to streamline data exchange among these platforms, KLP Eiendom sought the assistance of Sesam and their expertise in master data management. According to Brækken, “the implementation process was a success, and characterised by professionalism”.

There are several benefits of using Sesam, such as improved efficiency, cost savings, and better data quality. According to Brækken, the convenience of the Sesam model lies in its ability to easily connect different systems without the need for extensive integration projects. This allows KLP Eiendom to select the best systems and components as needed, while maintaining a centralised and streamlined data exchange. Additionally, Sesam's data exchange capabilities enable KLP Eiendom to easily filter and transfer specific data to third-party solutions in a matter of minutes. These improvements have resulted in higher data quality, increased internal efficiency, and significant positive effects on their operations.

Brækken notes that KLP Eiendom's use of Sesam has led to highly effective communication that has garnered attention from external observers. Previously, the company struggled with poor data quality, but Sesam has greatly improved their internal efficiency and IT processes. While the positive effects of Sesam are mainly seen within the company, particularly in the IT department, the improved data quality and efficiency have also indirectly benefited their customers.

Thanks to Sesam, tasks that once required significant manual labor have become much simpler. As Brækken explains, this has given KLP Eiendom the capacity to take on new initiatives and improve the quality of their work. Previously, the team had to manually verify data, but Sesam has greatly increased their confidence in the accuracy of their data. As a result, customer satisfaction surveys for the customer portal have shown an increase in satisfaction among users.

KLP Eiendom reports that since implementing Sesam for their customer portal, they have not experienced any downtime, a problem that other companies have encountered. Overall, KLP Eiendom is highly satisfied with their collaboration with Sesam and looks forward to continuing their partnership in the future.


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