With Sesam, you can maximise your business value and simplify processes for your company. Sesam offers flexibility and safety, enabling you to optimise business operations. A prime example of how Sesam has worked wonders for others is our successful partnership with Elvia.

Elvia is a leading electricity network company that delivers electricity to around two million customers. When Sesam was created 10 years ago, we established a strong partnership with Elvia, playing a pivotal role in their development and growth journey. Elvia's unwavering trust in Sesam's capabilities is evident by their reliance on Sesam to manage critical data flows. With a critical need for security, consistency, and seamless performance, Sesam has become an essential component of Elvia's operations.

Elvia holds great significance in Sesam's origin story, being our first and largest customer. Over the years, Sesam has consistently demonstrated remarkable flexibility and continuous evolution in supporting Elvia, adeptly managing extensive data volumes, and overseeing large-scale projects. This enduring partnership stands as a testament to Sesam's expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional results while adapting to meet Elvia's evolving needs.




Initially, we began our collaboration with Hafslund. However, as Hafslund merged with Eidsiva, the company underwent a name change to Elvia. Throughout this process, Sesam played a pivotal role, integrating the separate IT systems of the two companies to establish a unified platform. Sesam embraced the challenge, prioritising Elvia's customer-centric approach and ensuring a seamless and effortless transition.

Sesam successfully completed the migration of all core data to the new systems. Acting as the central data hub, Sesam efficiently rebuilt Elvia’s infrastructure, ensuring seamless data synchronisation and eliminating any potential risks of data loss. The Sesam hub retrieves and delivers crucial customer invoice data, including addresses, electricity consumption, and customer relationship information. The Sesam hub also synchronises vital information such as assets, work orders and network topology. Moreover, it captures network usage and outage measurements, which are then reported to the authorities. 

This comprehensive project exemplified Sesam's flexibility, allowing seamless replacement of systems, minimising disruption, and ensuring exceptional data quality. Today Sesam continues to help companies through our flexibility offering data synchronisation as a service, connecting different SaaS systems. Our partnership with Elvia shows our ability to do this seamlessly, making the process easy for SaaS owners and customers. Sesam's partnership with Elvia continues to flourish, and we look forward to what comes next.


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