Data Synchronization

The Importance of Data Trust

«Data Trust» is crucial for businesses to perform their daily tasks, maintain a good workflow, and especially for increasing customer satisfaction. But what does data trust mean? Data Trust, Data Quality, and Data Democratisation are closely related ...

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Unleashing the Power of Master Data

Master Data refers to the data providing a business with the most value. This is essential information like the name, gender, phone number, or address of a customer or employee relevant to your business. It can also be information about orders from your webshop or consumer contracts. These are data that are important to all parts of the organisation, and to all the different systems that are used ...

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Long Live DataSynchronisation

Integration is dead. Long live data synchronisation. Maximise efficiency, reduce costs and decrease churn with data synchronisation! Eliminate the need for complex integration processes and ensure data is always up to date with data synchronisation. ...

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